Biden: Russia will fail in its war on Ukraine

US President Joe Biden reaffirmed Tuesday his country’s support to Ukraine and to ensure Russia will fail in its war. “Make no mistake, Russia is failing in this war,” the US leaders said in the inaugural speech of the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington. “More than two years into (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s war of choice, his losses are staggering. More than 350,000 Russian troops dead or wounded, nearly 1 million Russians, many of them young people, have left Russia because they no longer see a future in Russia. And Kiev, remember, was supposed to fall in five days.” “Remember? Well, it’s still standing two and a half years later and will continue to stand.” President went on to say that before this war Putin thought NATO would break, but today, NATO is stronger than it’s ever been in its history. “When this senseless war began, Ukraine was a free country. Today, it is still a free country,” he emphasized.

“Russia will not prevail. Ukraine will prevail. This is a pivotal moment for Europe for the trans
atlantic community and I might add for the world.” He pointed out that the NATO has rushed to the help of Ukraine even before Russian bombs starts falling on its cities. “The alliance acted or I ordered the US reinforcements at NATO’s eastern flank, more troops, more aircraft, more capabilities. And now the United States has more than 100,000 troops from the continent of Europe, “NATO moved swiftly as well, not only reinforcing the four existing battlegroups in the East, but also adding four more in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, essentially doubling NATO strength on the eastern flank. Together, we’ve built a global coalition to stand with Ukraine. Together, we provide a significant economic and humanitarian assistance,” he said. He added that the US and other NATO partners have supplied Ukraine with weapons it needs to defend itself. Tanks, armored fighting vehicles, air defense system, long range missiles and millions of munitions. The United States and nearly two dozen allied partners have signed
a bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. And more countries will follow.

“Today, I’m announcing an historic donation of air defense equipment for Ukraine. The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Italy will provide Ukraine with the equipment for five additional strategic air defense systems. And in the coming months, the United States and our partners intend to provide Ukraine with dozens of additional tactical air defense systems,” he stated. He asserted that the US will make sure that when it exports critical air defense interceptors, Ukraine goes to the front of the line. “They will get this assistance before anyone else gets it. All told, Ukraine will receive hundreds of additional interceptors over the next year, helping protect Ukrainian cities against Russian missile and Ukrainian troops facing air attacks on their front lines,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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