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Caretaker Public Works and Transportation Minister, Dr. Ali Hamieh, on Wednesday announced the launch of 96 public buses during a press conference at the Railway and Public Transport Authority in Mar Mikhael.

The buses will start in Beirut and gradually extend to other regions by September.

The event was attended by Public Works Committee Chair MP Sajih Attieh, Beirut Governor Judge Marwan Abboud, Railway Authority Director General Ziad Nasr, and a crowd of journalists and media personnel.

Hamieh highlighted the state’s ownership of the buses and the partnership with the private sector for their operation and maintenance.

“This is the first realistic public-private partnership model, with the state as the regulator and the private sector as the operator,” Hamieh said.

The buses feature modern safety and technological specifications, including cameras, GPS tracking, and electronic payment systems.

MP Attieh praised the initiative as a beacon of hope amid crises, emphasizing the importance of public-priva
te partnerships for Lebanon’s recovery.

Governor Abboud expressed optimism about the project’s potential to revive essential public services, suggesting future expansions to include a railway connecting southern and northern Lebanon.

Director General Nasr noted the challenges faced, including limited resources and staffing, but stressed the project’s significance in providing a much-needed public transport service.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon