Innovating to Impact: Dentsu Unveils New Global Brand Proposition Drawing Upon 120 Year Heritage

Dentsu, Innovating to Impact
Dentsu, Innovating to Impact

TOKYO, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dentsu, today announced the launch of its new global, client-facing, brand proposition, “Innovating to Impact”, marking a significant milestone in the company’s storied 120-year plus history. The new go-to-market brand encapsulates dentsu’s commitment to driving growth through innovation, leveraging the collective strengths of transformative creativity, media, data, and technology.

Created through a collaborative effort of many dentsu teams around the world, “Innovating to Impact” reflects dentsu’s dedication to delivering outcomes that not only drive business growth but also generate a positive effect on people, society and the world.

“Our new branding is a bold declaration of our unwavering commitment to innovate in pursuit of outcomes on behalf of our clients,” said Hiroshi Igarashi, President & Global CEO, dentsu. “At dentsu, we are not content with simply following trends; we aim to set them. ‘Innovating to Impact’ is our promise to our clients, our incredible people and the communities we serve, that we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible through experience and business transformation.”

The launch is the next stage in dentsu’s mid to long-term strategy and its positioning as an integrated growth and transformation partner to the world’s leading organizations. Dentsu brings the best of both worlds to clients: individual global leadership brands that can deliver deep expertise, and the ability to tie those services together to deliver a multiplier effect for clients as dentsu.

A Dentsu Creative team, headed by Riccardo Fregoso, Chief Creative Officer Dentsu Creative Italy, led development of the tagline “Innovating to Impact”, along with a new brand manifesto. The design look and feel of the new brand was produced by the multi-award winning Dentsu Inc. team in dentsu Japan, led by Executive Creative Director, Yoshihiro Yagi, one of Japan’s most internationally awarded, art-based creatives.

“For over 120 years, innovation has been a core tenet of dentsu’s offering; it is in our DNA and within the very culture of our teams around the world. Innovation for dentsu is both an open mindset as well as a systematic approach, helping clients approach their business transformation in new ways,” commented Jean Lin, Global President – Global Practices, dentsu. “Dentsu is truly unique in the market, sitting at the convergence of marketing, technology and consulting. When we combine innovation with a laser focus on driving outcomes, we bring together the best of our capabilities to deliver integrated growth for brands who want something different from the traditional model.”

Dentsu’s new brand will be further showcased at the Cannes Lions Festival in June 2024, with dentsu Beach House programming and design reflecting the principles and positioning of “Innovating to Impact”.

For more information about dentsu and the new GTM brand, please visit: Innovating to Impact

Team credits:

Dentsu Creative Italy

Riccardo Fregoso, Chief Creative Officer
Stefano Battistelli, Executive Creative Director
Francesco Epifani, Executive Creative Director
Cristiana Bregni, Art Director
Santiago Cancela, Copywriter

Dentsu Inc., Japan

Yoshihiro Yagi, Executive Creative Director
Tsubasa Adachi, Creative Director
Haruko Tsutsui, Creative Director
Hiroyuki Kato, Art Director
Natsuki Tomoda, Art Director
Miyuki Ito, Copywriter
Mariko Fukuoka, Copywriter
Shintaro Murakami, Digital Technologist

About dentsu

Dentsu is an integrated growth and transformation partner to the world’s leading organizations. Founded in 1901 in Tokyo, Japan, and now present in over 145 countries and regions, it has a proven track record of nurturing and developing innovations, combining the talents of its global network of leadership brands to develop impactful and integrated growth solutions for clients. Dentsu delivers end-to-end experience transformation (EX) by integrating its services across Media, CXM and Creative, while its business transformation (BX) mindset pushes the boundaries of transformation and sustainable growth for brands, people and society.

Dentsu, Innovating to Impact.

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Tealium unveils CDP integration with Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming API

The integration combines the powerful forces of the Snowflake Data Cloud and Tealium CDP to accelerate CX across the entire customer journey

San Diego, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tealium announced today that it is one of the first customer data platforms (CDPs) to seamlessly connect to Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming API, offering industry-leading customer data collection and activation capabilities. Tealium’s CDP, powered by Snowflake, streamlines the process of landing low latency customer behavior data into the Snowflake Data Cloud to power analytics, AI, and customer-360 initiatives, allowing enterprises to better serve and engage their customers.

“At the heart of any CX strategy, is your data. CDPs and cloud data platforms are powerful catalysts for managing, analyzing, and activating customer data successfully to achieve this. And although unique on their own, together, they become a powerful force. That’s why Tealium and Snowflake are truly better together, providing a centralized consented data hub combining the benefits of historical data, real-time behavior, and utmost flexibility,” says Bob Page, Chief Product Officer at Tealium.

Real-time access to customer data is crucial for organizations to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Tealium’s integration with the Snowpipe Streaming API enables businesses to capture, process, analyze, and activate data efficiently. This powerful combination allows organizations to unlock valuable insights, enhance personalization, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving growth and customer satisfaction.

The integration leverages the power of a real-time CDP coupled with Snowflake’s elastic performance engine to drive customer data capabilities, including:

  • Establish unified and actionable customer views to power real-time engagement, leveraging enhanced identity data in Snowflake
  • Fuel and activate AI initiatives across the entire data infrastructure 
  • Minimize wasted time on data wrangling for more strategic and higher-quality insights 
  • Reduce regulatory risk by enabling consented data collection and activation, honoring customer privacy preferences across the entire journey
  • Improve ROI and achieve business goals through enhanced measurement and data-driven decision making

“As third-party cookies phase out and privacy regulations intensify, the demand for secure, privacy-first, real-time data solutions has never been greater,” said Onil Gunawardana, Head of Product Management, Marketing Data Cloud, at Snowflake. “Tealium’s advanced CDP with consent management, integrated with Snowflake’s Snowpipe API, provides enterprises with immediate access to cleansed, high-quality, first-party data. This seamless connectivity not only speeds up data ingestion for AI and improves customer experiences, but also ensures that data usage remains compliant within Snowflake’s robust analytics environment, elevating customer data strategies with unmatched security and efficiency.”

The integration also equips teams with widened flexibility, allowing them to augment customer data with AI, fueling models with clean and consented data. With every business having an AI mandate, the biggest challenge being faced during initial adoption is access to AI-ready data. The Tealium and Snowflake integration enforces enhanced data quality and governance, which supports successful AI implementation across the enterprise.

Learn more about how Tealium and Snowflake are better together.

To keep up with the latest company news, visit Tealium’s Newsroom.

Join the Real-Time Revolution: Tealium is hosting its annual Digital Velocity conference in San Diego on June 10-12, 2024. Join industry leaders as they come together to discuss the latest innovations in customer data. On Tuesday, June 11, Patrick Crosby, Senior Alliance Manager for Technology Partners at Snowflake, will be speaking in a session on “Driving Growth through Data Integration: CDPs and the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud in Concert.”  Learn more and register here. 


About Tealium 

As the most trusted CDP, Tealium connects data so businesses can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s real-time data infrastructure allows brands to power their AI models and activate data for enhanced in-the-moment experiences. Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports more than 1,300 built-in connections from the world’s most prominent technology experts. Tealium’s solutions include a real-time customer data platform with machine learning, tag management, an API hub, and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, privacy-compliant, and secure. Named as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Platforms™, more than 850 leading businesses globally trust Tealium to power their customer data strategies. For more information, visit

Natalie Passarelli
Tealium Inc. 

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Telecoming slated to join Telecoms World Middle East 2024

DUBAI, UAE – EQS Newswire – 16 May 2024 – Telecoming, sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports and entertainment, will take part, for the second year in a row at Telecom World Middle East 2024, scheduled for May 28-29. The company’s involvement in the event is part of a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening its presence in the region by partnering with mobile operators to offer digital services to sports enthusiasts.

This global event, which centers on innovation, connectivity, and technology, will feature Telecoming in a series of debates alongside key figures in the mobile entertainment industry. Patricia Peiró, Chief Strategy Officer at Telecoming, will discuss her expertise in technology-driven solutions for monetizing mobile entertainment. She will focus on the sports sector and explore how Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is propelling the growth of the mobile economy in collaboration with telecommunications companies across two pivotal panels. Telecoming’s participation highlights the importance of this event, which brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss developments and challenges in mobile technologies across the Middle East.

We are thrilled to return to Telecoms World Middle East, because the region is an incredibly dynamic market with a strong interest in sports and digital consumption. Telecoming is looking forward to explore new opportunities in close collaboration with telecom operators“, explains Ali Karaosman, MEA Director at Telecoming.

About Telecoming:
Telecoming is a sportech company specializing in developing and distributing mobile experiences for sports and entertainment. The firm has been deploying monetization technologies in partnership with telcos since 2008. Telecoming is currently present in 18 countries. Its portfolio includes the official licenses of the leading soccer clubs in Europe and Africa, as well as the main competitions of 12 sports disciplines. Leader in the digital content economy since its foundation, the company has been recognized by the London Stock Exchange as one of Europe’s most inspiring organizations. In addition, it is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, according to Morningstar’s 5000 Inc. ranking. For more information, please visit:


Five Israeli enemy airstrikes targeted at midnight s of Khraybe town in Baablek with air-to-surface missiles, slightly wounding a citizen and causing material damages, our correspondent reported on Thursday.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Dubai Humanitarian champions sustainable solutions at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks in Geneva

DUBAI: Dubai Humanitarian, a leading global advocate for sustainable humanitarian practices, showcased its commitment to transformative action at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) held in Geneva. Spearheading four impactful sessions, Dubai Humanitarian convened global stakeholders to address pressing challenges and explore innovative solutions in humanitarian action.

Giuseppe Saba, CEO and Board Member of Dubai Humanitarian, highlighted the organisation’s mission, stating: ‘As we stand at the intersection of complex humanitarian crises and climate change, it’s important that we revolutionise relief practices and prioritise sustainability. Embracing data sharing and the building of a robust global safety net are pivotal steps in this transformative journey. Our collective commitment to collaborative action, innovative partnerships, and youth engagement will shape a future where resilient communities thrive amidst adversity.’

Session 1: Sustainable Humanitarian Supply Chains

Dubai Human
itarian’s inaugural session at HNPW underscored urgent calls for collective action amidst the intersecting challenges of humanitarian crises and climate change. Emphasising revolutionary changes in relief practices, key takeaways advocated for collaboration across sectors and the integration of sustainability principles into procurement practices.

Session 2: Humanitarian Diplomacy

Collaborating with the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, Dubai Humanitarian continued its impactful presence. Experts discussed evolving geopolitical dynamics shaping crisis response efforts, emphasising diplomacy’s role in facilitating coordinated responses and upholding humanitarian principles amidst complexities.

Session 3: Transformative Potential of Digital Tools

In this session, Dubai Humanitarian and its partners explored digital tools in disaster management and humanitarian logistics. A demonstration of a cyclone response simulation highlighted the critical role of digitisation and data sharing in bolstering preparedness
strategies and facilitating rapid crisis responses.

Session 4: Shared Innovations for Humanitarian

Organised by the Peaceland Foundation, Dubai Humanitarian delved into ‘The Vital Role of Sustainable Supply Chains in Climate-Driven Humanitarian Response.’ Amidst climate challenges and complex emergencies, collaboration emerged as paramount for effective humanitarian action, emphasising the criticality of sustainable supply chains in driving resilient preparedness and responses.

Source: Emirates News Agency

DIBF Participants to QNA: Arab Publishing Houses in Diaspora Enhance Humanitarian Contents of Cultural Dialogue -1-

In this regard, Mahmoud Al Adham, the official of Dar Al Farjani (Darf Publishers) participating in the Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) said to Qatar News Agency that the founder of the publishing house Mohamed Bashir Al Farjani, one of the pioneers of publishing in Libya, established in Tripoli in 1953 and opened its branch in Cairo in the early 1970s, while its branch in London was established in 1981.

He explained that the publishing house is interested in disseminating knowledge, literature, intellectual works, and Arab heritage, translating them into various languages aiming to preserve classical and modern Arab cultural, intellectual, and literary heritage and presenting it to the world’s peoples in the best possible ways.

Al Adham said that the publications of the publishing house include various branches of thought and literature, as well as travel literature, and social and cultural history. Among its important translations into English, which have achieved remarkable success, are the novel Zai
nab by Mohammed Hussein Heikal, written in 1913, considered an introduction to modern Arabic literature, Farewell, Damascus by Ghada Samman, and novels from Yemen and other contemporary Arab novelists.

In translation from Italian to Arabic, the publishing house introduced books by Alessandro Spina, and from English to Arabic in the field of travel literature, the book A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia Edwards, and the story Cairo by Stanley Lane-Poole, as well as other works of various types of authorship and from several global languages.

For his part, Ahmed Abdel Qader, the supervisor of the Dar Al-Mutawassit (Mediterranean Publications) Pavilion from Italy, stated that the publications of the publishing house include literature, thought, and culture, and it was established at the end of 2015 in Milan, Italy, as a project interested in cultural exchange between various civilizations of the world and their peoples. It began by transferring knowledge, sciences, and literature between the Arab world and
Italy first, then between the Arab world and Europe, and between Italy and the world.

For his part, Dar Al Mutawassit supervisor Ahmed Abdulqader said that the publications of the publishing house include literature, thought, and culture, and it was established at the end of 2015 in Milan, Italy, as a project interested in cultural exchange between various civilizations of the world and their peoples. It began by transferring knowledge, sciences, and literature between the Arab world and Italy first, then between the Arab world and Europe, and between Italy and the world.

He explained that the publishing house transferred works by major writers and authors in the fields of novels, philosophy, social thought, and psychology, and introduced to Arab culture major names translated into Arabic for the first time, and it also focused on new literature, issuing novels, poetry, and short stories for many young writers. In 2016, it launched a literary series, with a Palestinian edition of some of its books coincidin
g with their release in the Arab world. In late 2018, an Italian publications about the mediterranean was launched, with the aim of translating Arabic literature into Italian and clearly conveying the Arab voice to the Western world.

The 33rd DIBF witnesses the participation of 515 publishers from 42 countries, and the Sultanate of Oman (guest of honor at DIBF’s 33rd edition), which includes a large number of accompanying cultural and artistic events. It continues until May 18 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Source: Qatar News Agency